About Recharge


Julie Wynn, CMD

Has extensive marketing experience in the both public and private sectors including:

  • Community-based Social Marketing and Individualized Marketing experience – encouraging Behaviour Change via Transportation Demand Management programs
  • Certified Marketing Director at one of the leading regional shopping destinations in Eastern Canada
  • Manager of Strategic Brand Development at a national movie theatre chain.

Julie’s industry experience includes; planning, program implementation, media strategies, budget allocation & control, external & internal merchandise promotions, communications and public relations, special events/visual display, community relations, customer service programs and tenant/retailer liaison, advocacy/education.

In addition, on a national marketing basis, Julie project managed website redevelopment, and directed a national gift card program. She successfully serviced a number of local and national partnership programs including: AirMiles, RBC, Laurentian(Sanford), Lawtons Drugs, Dalhousie University, Admiral Insurance, McInnes Cooper, WORKshift and the Commuter Challenge.


Recharge Marketing works with a trusted team of seasoned professionals that hold the same business values and high level of integrity. We provide the best option for you in terms of effective marketing tools and pricing.

Creative Team

With a commitment to teamwork that has translated into serious results and
long-standing relationships.

Media and Customer Relationship Management Specialist

They make the best use of our client’s media dollars

Special Event and Décor Coordinator

Focused on uncompromising customer service

Other contacts as deemed necessary by client projects/requests business and keeping you connected - to your customers.