Our Services

Recharge Marketing is your “Virtual Marketing Department”. We are flexible and accessible when and where you need us. We go to you.

Our approach is to provide you with consistent quality, cost effective, results oriented marketing that tells your story and addresses your objectives – leading to increased and continued sales and revenue for your business.

Our business philosophy is based on a relationship, not transaction based business model. We are continually building and developing relationships with our clients to create loyalty and lifetime value. We do business with people that like and trust us. Simple really.

How we do it for you

Everything we do, we do within your budget and include no hidden fees. No surprises. Our fee is based on a project-by-project basis and we develop the right team for you based on your project requirements.

To start, we conduct a brief needs assessment of your requirements. We provide you with customized solutions and a practical summary of what is required to meet your objectives.

Recharge Marketing personally works with you to help you engage your customer and to ensure that you are consistently speaking to your customer in their language.